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- Referenced Domain Web Statistics for 2017.04.23 -

gov.adr. | Department of Justice v4[s] v4[B] v4[Mbps] v6[s] v6[B] v6[Mbps] 6/4[Mbps] v4|v6
com.govdelivery.public  (https)  [v4R] 1/0.432s  [v6R] 1/0.454s
gov.adr.www  [v4R] 1/0.032s  [v6R] 1/0.069s
0.358138180.290.463138180.2377%graph  [v4R] 1/0.017s  [v6R] 1/0.015s
gov.justice.www  (https)
IPv6 operational: 100% of linked subdomains (1/1), 75% of all linked domains (3/4)v4[s]v4[B]v4[Mbps]v6[s]v6[B]v6[Mbps]6/4[Mbps]v4|v6

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